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Breathe And Grow Rich Series

Breathe And Grow Rich Series Volume 4


Tap into the source of spiritual energy


Boost your energy


Harmonize your emotions


Enrich your life with greater joy and aliveness


Function at optimal levels

What are Breathe And Grow Rich Books About:

Volume 1

shows you how to restore vitality and energy

Volume 2

frees you from the negative impact of excessive stressors

Volume 3

expands your intuitive ability

Volume 4

promotes inner balance and clear communication

Volume 5

is a 30 Day Success Program and daily guide

Own the entire series & turn your life around.

Volume 4 : Master Your Relationships.

In BGR4, the focus is self-care. Care for yourself now. You are a powerful spiritual being who has learned in the BGR Series

  • To direct your thoughts
  • To modify moods
  • To energize your body
  • To realize your spiritual connectedness, and feel the spiritual connection in all of life.

The connection enables you to feel grounded an be on solid footing. Full wave breathing is a powerful ally in having the best possible life. The breath exercises result in joy, a feeling of heart-connection and intimacy.

BGR 4 is about trusting your inner spirit, which you feel most fully when open and relaxed. Full-Wave Breathing facilitates this process. You increase vital capacity. You are comfortable enough to listen to intuition. If you have been practicing full-wave breathing for any length of time, you are calmer now. You notice how people respond better to you.

BGR 4 reminds you to use joy as a compass. Let its pursuit guide your progress and keep you open. BGR 4 shows you how to identify and embrace joy as a tangible feeling that becomes your greatest asset to calm emotions, to spark creativity, and to clear your mind.

This book takes you deep inside to unlock your spiritual power.
For those committed to more energy and joy.
Take care of your stress and your health automatically improves. Learn how now.

Who is Tom?

Dr. Tom Goode

Dr. Tom Goode

The Soul Doctor

Dr. Goode is a lifelong researcher and practitioner in the fields of spirituality, wellness, and holistic living.
Dr. Goode mentors open-minded, spiritually awakened men and women who desire to live happier, fuller, healthier lives.
His clients call him?the soul doctor, healer, spiritual teacher, or holistic coach.
The titles reflect how he may work with individuals to achieve effective, lasting results.
Whether recognizing and removing blocks (from DNA to mental programs), awakening, transforming, or enjoying the journey, you?ll reap the benefits.

What are the readers saying

Clear your desk. Clear your schedule. Clear your mind. Read Breathe and Grow Rich from cover to cover today, then practice it daily to simply and easily clear the shrouds from the magnificent being that you are. The system in this marvelous book is my all-purpose tool for mental, physical and spiritual growth.
Kenton Johnson


Thank you for creating an easy-to-use system for stimulating and restoring well being. The body?s tensions are quickly resolved and attitude rapidly improves. My students and clients all thank you as well.
O. R. Barrier, Ph.D.

I have come to realize (real-eyes) that FWB is an essential nutrient that had been missing from my life/diet. Daily focused breath is a time of regeneration for me, something I had not yet experienced via any other method I had tried, and there have been MANY. The subtle, yet life-shifting way it is awakening my consciousness, is simply amazing and yet difficult to put into words. The richness of my life is unfolding in ways I wasn?t able to create before. I am literally breathing in a new life.
Katrina Lindland


Breathe and Grow Rich teaches a proactive approach to self-growth, prosperity and resolving physical challenges. This book is the ?how to? and a road map to a richer life in body, mind and spirit!
Jonn Morningstaur

Author, How To Wake Your Genie

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