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Breathe And Grow Rich Series

Breathe And Grow Rich Series Volume 2


Tap into the source of spiritual energy


Boost your energy


Harmonize your emotions


Enrich your life with greater joy and aliveness


Function at optimal levels

What are Breathe And Grow Rich Books About:

Volume 1

shows you how to restore vitality and energy

Volume 2

frees you from the negative impact of excessive stressors

Volume 3

expands your intuitive ability

Volume 4

promotes inner balance and clear communication

Volume 5

is a 30 Day Success Program and daily guide

Own the entire series & turn your life around.

Volume 2 : Conquer Stress For Boundless Energy.

Breathe and Grow Rich, Volume 2, (BGR 2) entitled Conquer Stress for Boundless Energy continues to encourage you to consciously practice breathing exercises and updates you on the relationship between health and stress. In fact, the subtitle for volume two could be Conquering the Curse of Stress.

For example, if you are a working mom or dad, then you know the stressors of trying to catch a free moment or catch your breath. Maybe you are one of every two people who have a chronic disease. Do you use stimulants to work though your day and relaxants to go to sleep? Do you eat on the run?

Any one of these situational stressors could turn into chronic stress. Over the longer term, chronic stress becomes the killer that underlies disease. Think of fit like this: Stress whittles away at your resilience and energy reserves in the same way, each day, every day. When your reserves are empty, you have no strength to fight off disease because your immune system is taxed.

Accelerated stress levels directly links to disease states.?Yet there is a way out. You can?rewire or reprogram your brain to use stress to your advantage. Like to be able to take feelings of dread and anxiety and transform them into energy, excitement, and focus? BGR 2 shows you that turnaround time from start to feeling better can be amazingly short.

If you want significant and effective results, use the information in BGR 2 to expand your level of wellness regardless of your present state. Congratulations if you?re currently handling the demands of a busy lifestyle and doing well. Enhance your like skills through the easiest path to ?prevent future problems and breakdowns.

BGR 2 empowers you to take charge when negative and unproductive thoughts, stress, and anxiety just won?t leave you alone. Each ?thought? is a complex pattern of activity between proteins and chemicals, gene expressions, and neural connections in your brain. The more you have a thought, the stronger the mental connection becomes. BGR2 details how you can build a new track for your mind so you don?t fall prey to concern, worry, and stress overwhelm

THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT IS THIS: FEEL JOY! ?This feeling of deep contentment arises when you can balance your busy day with some quiet inactivity. Full Wave Breathing can help you relax in as few as five deeper breaths. Adopt a personal growth mindset?and find that sweet spot where stress actually enhances performance. BGR 2 shows you how.

This book takes you deep inside to unlock your spiritual power.
It is for everyone who seeks a more energetic ?and ?energized life. Stress debilitates those people who ignore it.
Take care of your stress and your health automatically improves. Taking care of yourself only requires a little action for you to enjoy wellness. Learn how now.

Who is Tom?

Dr. Tom Goode

Dr. Tom Goode

The Soul Doctor

Dr. Goode is a lifelong researcher and practitioner in the fields of spirituality, wellness, and holistic living.
Dr. Goode mentors open-minded, spiritually awakened men and women who desire to live happier, fuller, healthier lives.
His clients call him?the soul doctor, healer, spiritual teacher, or holistic coach.
The titles reflect how he may work with individuals to achieve effective, lasting results.
Whether recognizing and removing blocks (from DNA to mental programs), awakening, transforming, or enjoying the journey, you?ll reap the benefits.

What are the readers saying

Clear your desk. Clear your schedule. Clear your mind. Read Breathe and Grow Rich from cover to cover today, then practice it daily to simply and easily clear the shrouds from the magnificent being that you are. The system in this marvelous book is my all-purpose tool for mental, physical and spiritual growth.
Kenton Johnson


Thank you for creating an easy-to-use system for stimulating and restoring well being. The body?s tensions are quickly resolved and attitude rapidly improves. My students and clients all thank you as well.
O. R. Barrier, Ph.D.

I have come to realize (real-eyes) that FWB is an essential nutrient that had been missing from my life/diet. Daily focused breath is a time of regeneration for me, something I had not yet experienced via any other method I had tried, and there have been MANY. The subtle, yet life-shifting way it is awakening my consciousness, is simply amazing and yet difficult to put into words. The richness of my life is unfolding in ways I wasn?t able to create before. I am literally breathing in a new life.
Katrina Lindland


Breathe and Grow Rich teaches a proactive approach to self-growth, prosperity and resolving physical challenges. This book is the ?how to? and a road map to a richer life in body, mind and spirit!
Jonn Morningstaur

Author, How To Wake Your Genie

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