Your Soul Path–Your Joyful Life With Abundance–Without Ego’s Hassles

Dr. Tom Goode

I help people create their healthy reality more compassionately and magnificently.

~Dr. Tom Goode~

Dr. Goode is a lifelong researcher and practitioner in the fields of spirituality, wellness, and holistic living.


Dr. Goode mentors open-minded, spiritually awakened men and women who desire to live happier, fuller, healthier lives.


His clients call him…the soul doctor, healer, spiritual teacher, or holistic coach.


The titles reflect how he may work with individuals to achieve effective, lasting results.


Whether recognizing and removing blocks (from DNA to mental programs), awakening, transforming, or enjoying the journey, you’ll reap the benefits.



  • To expand beyond the blocks that until now kept you from getting ahead?

  • More inspiration and hope?

  • More answers and resolved problems?

  • Deeper healing and enlightened understanding?

  • An ?appreciation for your contribution and service?

  • To enjoy living a more meaningful, intentional life?


No matter what you call him ? healer, teacher, coach, or soul doctor ? your sessions with Tom will leave you feeling better as a happier, more enlightened person. Dr. Goode is equipped to guide you on your path according to your being.?You?ll worry less about the affairs and tribulations of those around you and learn to focus unselfishly on yourself. You?ll be stronger, more in sync with the way you?d like to feel and on your way to a life of significance. You?ll experience mental and emotional balance like never before.


This one-of-a-kind spiritual coaching program combines the best of individualized coaching with personal practice exercises and support. There are no one-size-fits-all answers here. You work through Tom?s strategic method of self-inquiry, innovation, and planning to create a personalized plan to reach your goals for health, well-being, wellness, or spiritual breakthroughs and insights.


Deep within there is happiness and positivity just waiting to come out. Dr. Goode helped me find it, refine it, and then encouraged me towards living a happier, healthier life. You should give yourself a chance to do the same!

Kim Scion

I am so grateful. I was helped to accept myself where I am in my life right now and not to judge myself for my shortcomings.

Michael Horemans

I was a Rebirther in the 70’s and worked with the top people. Also, I weighed the lowest in my adult life. Yep, Full Wave Breathing works. Every time someone asks me how I am or what I do to lose weight, I say I am breathing.

Marion Grosjean

I have improved my health greatly. I am amazed by how much I can see the inner beauty in other people, acknowledge it, and express it to others.

Henry Urion

Through my work with Dr. Goode, I have healed a broken relationship with my Dad. I’ve made tremendous progress recovering from a car accident. I feel spiritually attuned now and find great joy in everything I do.

AJ Utecht

I am experiencing the miracle of knowing and living life without pain and struggle.

Deb Salt

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