How To Strengthen Connections to Your Intuition

How To Strengthen Connections to Your Intuition

Using your intuition is like conducting a science experiment. You can take our word for it that it’s powerful chemistry, but wouldn’t you really rather turn on the flame under the Bunson burner and see for yourself?

Become your own consciousness coach by strengthening your connection to your intuition. Yes, you’ll need to do a little training. Don’t worry – no aerobics required! Instead, this article offers you some exercises that will sensitize you to your feelings and thoughts. Sensitivity is the first step in communicating with your intuition.

It’s best to choose a time when you won’t be interrupted to practice these exercises; your practice time will be more effective if you’re not distracted. Simply keep in mind that when you’re open and relaxed, you’re more receptive to the “voice” of your intuition.

Try This – The Tide Flows Images To You

Sit or stand, but make yourself really comfortable. Imagine that you’re facing the ocean. Bring the ocean fully into your senses. What does the ocean smell like? Does a breeze feel tingly on your skin? Is the sound of the ocean loud or soft?

The tides are high, rushing to shore and spreading all over the sandy beach. The ocean leaves its wet brush strokes for you to observe. Look and see the soggy brush strokes on the sand. Stare at them until the next tide breaks and changes the landscape. What do you see? Stay and observe as long as you can.

Next, focus on the waves themselves. Watch how the tide rolls in and out. Feel the rhythm of the tide within yourself. Breathe and open your abdomen fully. Feel the imaginary water moving in and out of you.

Do you feel pulled in and out like the wave? Ask the waves, “Waves, what images do you have for me?”

Try This – Lightning Strikes for You

If you’ve ever watched a storm when bright flashes sizzle the sky, then you know the power of the energetic activity in a bolt of electricity. You can access that energy for yourself, using lightning as a doorway.

Imagine that you are comfortably seated in an inviting chair that gives you a good view of the sky. Stare out of an imaginary window, and gaze at the sky as the thunderclouds roll before you. Lightning flashes, leaving its footprint-its light reflection-against the dark, heavy clouds.

Stare into that space, and the lightning flashes again. Hold the image of the lightning blaze in your mind and breathe the intensity and power of the lightning into you. Imagine the power in your gut, your nervous system. Imagine the energy the lightning activates in you!

Now that you feel and focus on the lightning flashes, ask for the images you need according to your intention.

Let Nature Teach You

You’ll get a tremendous benefit if you can take a walk or a special afternoon or weekend of retreat into nature itself to learn to soften and focus your vision as a gateway to deeper awareness and intuition. Nature imagery exercises are a good way to access intuition and to help you relax if you work long hours. Natural images are familiar and most people find them comforting.

There are several ways that you can let nature assist your intuitive connection.

Try This – Remembering Past Ah-Ha Moments

An Ah-Ha Moment is your natural intuition at work and at its best.

In a moment of flight over enemy lines, a World War Two pilot had a flash of insight – an “Ah-ha!” moment — about what he would do if he lived through that moment. He lived and now owns a large business conglomerate.

While vomiting in the alley behind the local neighborhood pub, an alcoholic wondered — “Ah-ha!” — what he could do to help himself. He saw his answer as a vision in his mind. The next morning he quit drinking and rehabilitated himself.

On the way to her office one morning, a real estate developer wondered what it would take to close a big deal. The answer — “Ah-Ha!” — arrived in her daydreaming while driving. If you would like to foster your intuition, take a trip down memory lane to an Ah-Ha Moment you’ve already experienced. Write in as much detail as possible what you remember-images, feelings, sensory awareness, and all the emotions that the moment stimulated.

Review what you’ve written. In reviewing, you’ll find clues to how your intuition works and how to become your own consciousness coach.

Try This – Your Intuition Journal

Some people keep dream journals. Those practicing and cultivating intuition keep Intuition Journals.

Give yourself fifteen minutes each day to check in with your gut and see if there is anything you need to be aware of. Just write down whatever comes and then go about your regular schedule.

After a week, you’ll begin to see patterns. You might notice that your intuition communicates in brief sentences, images, metaphors, caring advice or a soliloquy.

The Bottom Line

Be open to the idea that your intuition is giving you important information that you need to know. Ultimately, when you decide your need to know is so important that you can’t ignore intuitive signals, you’ll have made intuition a priority in your life.

If a strong feeling of certainty arises from your intuitive exercises, write it down. Ignore your intellect’s questions or judgments, and truly trust your gut-level feelings, images or awareness. Re-read all that has happened to you; observe how intuition has worked for you and how being incongruent did not.

Learn from experience that your intuitions are to be trusted

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