1. How to Have a Healthy Heart

1. How to Have a Healthy Heart

It is an act of Love when you learn something about a healthy heart and then put knowledge to work on behalf of your health.
By applying new methods of self-care and seeing yourself as a whole, multi-dimensional being, you renew worth and increase your vitality. Rest assured, HeartWise® living is achievable, accessible, and naturally healthy.  –
Tom Goode, ND

Your Healthy Heart

Traditional medicine examines sick people and works hard to help fix them what is wrong. Natural medicine examines the principles embodied in healthy people and learns from them. First, you learn that happier people are generally healthier and have healthier hearts. They create more abundance, have better relationships, and enjoy better health.

The opposite is also true. Healthier people have more energy with which to create abundance, participate in life, and enjoy the company of other people. The cycle of health feeds itself to keep you feeling energetic and renewed regardless of physical age.

The healthy heart is much more than a pump. The heart is at the center of your body and the core of your very being. Did you know that your heart produces and radiates ten times the electromagnetic field of any other organ in your body? This is important for you to know because after all, you are an energetic being.

The energy knowledge of quantum physics, invisible particles, and non-linear dynamics have essential information for all who value their health. The latest sciences of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), psychobiology and neurobehavior reveal how all parts of the mind-body system are interconnected and in constant communication.

The Mind-Body System

Because each part of your whole mind-body system is interconnected, what benefits your heart health automatically helps your overall health. A heart-healthy approach to daily living staves off heart disease and other physical ailments, as well as the perhaps more elusive but equally significant ailments of the mind. Whole heart-healthy living can reduce depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Knowing how the organs, cells, and molecules communicate enables you to stimulate powerful healing responses within your mind-body. Then, taking self-loving action, you feel better in increments. People notice that you look and act younger. Your mood improves. You have the energy for all that you want to do.

Take Responsibility for your Healthy Heart

How, exactly, do you go about taking responsibility? By becoming informed and by taking action to suit your personal circumstances. As the timeless saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” The more you know, the more you empower yourself to make heart-healthy decisions.

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