Supporting and Celebrating Your Spiritual Path and Purpose


If you?re like most of my readers, you?re a successful, creative, influential supporter.? You are committed to your spiritual journey. You love to learn and expand consciousness to reach and fulfill your potential. Your heart’s desire includes making a difference and having a lasting influence.?Maybe the path hasn’t been easy. You do so much and yet you feel like you run out of both time and also energy. You feel overloaded. This reader expressed it well:

“Overwhelm just hits me in the middle of activities. I work long hours sometimes, and it kills me to me to miss my daughter’s ballet class or my son’s sports activities. How do I carve out a space for my meditation time? I want to feel calmer again. I want to ditch anxiety. I want to continue with spiritual studies instead of feeling like I am missing so much.”

I Totally Get It!

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by all your efforts to succeed and continue managing daily life with family members and ?work. Sometimes your spiritual practices, healthy living, or “me” time takes a back seat.

I have also struggled with health issues in my early adulthood. I also needed that?quiet time to heal, energize, and lift depression. As an entrepreneur and founder of the International Breath Institute, travel and training have been priorities for years. There was and continues to be the reality of what needs to be done. Working harder or longer are not the answers.

The answer for me was to focus on building my resilience through spiritual practices and health habits and focusing on the right activities to move?the business forward.

If you?re like me, learning to prioritize your focus enables you to contribute and help others because that is your natural style. You cannot turn off your heart. ?Maintaining connections with your mentor or your community supports your natural heart strengths and empowers your service in the world.

A Heart-Centered, Supportive Person Like You Is Here To Make A Difference

  • You feel great when you help people achieve positive results.
  • You love learning new strategies that make you better.
  • You then pay that knowledge forward.
  • You?re asking HOW so you can train better and help others get the same or better results you have achieved.

Take A Moment To Check In

  • Do you feel like life is happening faster than you can manage?
  • Are you afraid that important tasks are slipping through your fingers?
  • Do you worry about those that need your help, and you aren?t available?
  • Have you pushed your dreams away for now?
  • You are not alone because we have all felt this way. Love wins when you receive help or support and pay it forward.

My Intention As I Write and Teach

How I make a difference is to support your spirit, health, and enlightenment through my blog, books, workshops and coaching. I want you to have ah-ha moments of?clarity that motivate your life purpose and passion. Those moments provide soul fuel your spiritual knowing.

If you are new to this site, you will find practical tools to reach your goals and strategies for:

  • Practical spiritual growth
  • Better health and energy
  • Personal, positive development for happiness to change what isn?t working
  • Empowerment of your intended path

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