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Dr. Tom Goode was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that he healed using holistic methods. He spent the next phase of his life learning all he could about breath work and natural healing methods. Some of the tenets became the foundation of the International Breath Institute. IBI teaches you valuable steps to enhancing health, banishing stress,?healing anxiety, and managing your lifestyle.

About IBI

GOAL: The International Breath Institute teaches health of body, mind, and spirit for those seeking to change their lifestyle or manage health, stress, distress, anxiety, illness, chronic pain, and to restore vitality. The International Breath Institute (IBI) was founded in 1991 by Dr. Tom Goode, Judith Kravitz, ?and Dr. Caron Goode. Dr. Kravitz later opened the Transformational Breath Institute. Tom and Caron Goode subsequently founded the Academy for Coaching Parents International and HeartWise? Life. Each of the cofounders have faced health crises and offer suggestions for health, happiness, and well being. You can trust that the health suggestions are evidence-based and effective. ?YOU CAN EXPECT: To find holistic health tips and the proven strategies through directed breath work called Full Wave Breathing (FWB). This methodology quiets the mind, harmonizes the emotions, and increases physical energy. Practitioners report an easing of pain and resolution of stressors. Learn more here To receive one free optimal health, wisdom ebook at the first of each month. The options for free ebooks include Dr. Goode’s best-selling Breathe And Grow Rich, which is now a an updated series and course for your personal health and happiness. Learn more here    
“My experience in studying with Tom Goode for years has been so remarkable that it is hard to put into words. In fact, it has been mind blowing. My personal transformation and evolvement have been better than I could have planned.
“The increase in my self-realization and awareness has been so vast that it is hard to touch with words. Tom’s awareness, self-realization, and knowledge of multidimensional experiences is outstanding. Tom has a way of meeting you at your level and taking you to higher levels, one of his great spiritual gifts as a teacher. I’ve had a grand adventure of flying so high within “one’s self”. I know no one with greater awareness of everything spiritual than Dr. Tom Goode.”
Brian Frank

To be fully alive and in optimal health through lifestyle management and learning to live in alignment with your holistic nature. The Breath Institute?provides shortcuts from science, tips for your health, and reminders about your well being through breathing.
Dr. Tom Goode

Full Wave Breathing

Full-Wave Breathing helps you cope with life’s?realities?and offers an antidote to the symptoms of excessive stressors.

Effective Self Care Strategies

Identify and prioritize?practices that support your wellbeing and help you to sustain health and?well being.?
Dr. Tom Goode, the soul doctor

Manage Stressors and Anxiety Behaviors

Fear, stress, and anxiety are based in personal perspective, not cirsumstances.

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