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Influential Communication

How do you speak to people with electronics in their hands and business on their minds.? How are you heard? Since people have less time for you and less attention to give you, you need to break through their fog. Learn how to make sure others understand the meaning of your message. Want to have better results? Get your clearer communication answers here.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise that’s gentle on the joints. It  provides a fitness routine that reduces stress and anxiety. We recommend Tai Chi for health and wellness because it involves a relaxing, fluid movement which calms the mind body system. Like meditation and walking, this activity promotes brains health. Learn all about this traditional Chinese exercise, with the Tai Chi For Health And Wellness Guidebook. 

Spiritual Living

Mastering a Peace Plan


The concept and practice of Spiritual Living vary.

Is Anxious Your New Normal?

Feeling anxious increases or decreases based upon your perception of a situation or circumstance. Have you tended to be anxious? If so, this guidebook will help you change your conditioning. The change occurs as you see the facts.

When you become better at deciphering the facts, then you are less likely to allow your mind to recycle anxious thoughts. Your characteristic way of perceiving determines how much tension and anxiety you carry with you from one moment to the next moment. This workbook will help retrain your mind and begin the process of disciplining yourself to see the facts before you. These exercises will help help you lessen the conditioned anxiety response. Full-Wave Breathing will help you shift your chemistry to calm.



Dr. Tom Goode

Yoga Light for Beginners

You will die earlier than your peers if you sit around all day. The human body is designed for fluidity and movement. Do you care enough about yourself to include some type of movement into your daily schedule? Think about it for a moment. The heart beats, blood and lymph fluids circulate, muscles stretch and contract. Every single moment, the essentials through your body and the brain are active and nourishing UNLESS you sit all day or never take a walk.  To just get started, follow my instructions for the easy-to-do Full Wave-Breathing (FWB). As a first step, FWB relaxes your abdomen and activates your breathing mechanisms…like a warm-up before the task. You will have more energy to move to step two. This book, Yoga Light is the second step to help you strengthen and stretch. How much easier could it be than start with the two essential basics. breath and simple basic stretches of Yoga Light.




In Happiness Create The Life You Want

Everything you require in order to have your best life is inside of you. All you have to do is tap into that power and apply it in ways that fulfill your life goals. When you complete this workbook, you’ll be well on your way to personal happiness. First you start with a NEW INTENTION and then a FOCUSED FULL-WAVE BREATH to weave your breath of life into your thought and physically anchor your intention. Tune in and turn it on.

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