The Cosmic Waltz

Magical Music Downloaded To My Creative Thoughts, Melodies, and Dreams.?

Rhythms to Breathe By and Move With

Melodies To Help You Feel Calmer and Peaceful

Healing Strands Played In Hospital Surgery Rooms

The Cosmic Waltz is a revolutionary technological and musical breakthrough! When music is combined with affirmations (mind) and specifically engineered rhythms (body), change happens!

The Cosmic Waltz originated in the work of Dr. Tom Goode with Master Musician Dexter Brown. The Cosmic Waltz, Volume 1, is original music set in rhythm to support directed breathing exercise and produce a state of relaxed calm. It was also designed and engineered to be music to uplift the spirits, clear the mind, and soothe the tense and stressed nervous system of the listener.

Music?s power to heal is well established and the latest Cosmic Waltz albums take this concept to new level. Calling upon the skills and talents of artist and musician John Shea, Dr. Goode now offers Volumes 2 and 3 of Cosmic Waltz. Their purpose is to provide you with access to expanded meditative spaces that refresh and renew the mind body soul system.

The Cosmic Waltz now offered is a forerunner in the modern use of ?Scientific pitch,? or A=432 Hz. Music tuned to 432Hz is organic and directly beneficial to the body and its systems. Listening to A432 music is claimed to expand consciousness, and release emotional blockages. (

The standard tuning is A=440 Hz. A440 was the frequency used in the 20th Century and adopted as the worldwide reference frequency. A440 is the frequency to which virtually all music is tuned today. It is termed ?disharmonic? because it has no scientific relationship to our bodies? frequencies.

The Comic Waltz series is tuned to A432 and A444. Both attune you to the natural rhythms of nature, and 444 is a popular tuning for guitar. It closely approximates C@ 528 Hz, known the ?love? tuning. The Beatles group used C528/A444 tuning. Perhaps this is why their music resonated so well with a worldwide population.

Just listening to the one of new Cosmic Waltz variations creates relaxation. Combine the music with directed breathing and you create an inner spa for your well being. Consider it an exercise in practical spirituality as you, the spiritual being,give your mind and body an energy treatment..

The Cosmic Waltz was originally designed for use by seminar participants who were learning how to create a healthy breathing habit and reverse the deleterious effects of shallow, chest breathing. Until the Cosmic Waltz there was no specific music to breathe with. Cosmic Waltz also was the first music with multiple rhythm tracks so a breather can easily find a comfortable pace for their exercise.

Less talked about than the amazing healing power of music and likely related,is the use of music to change consciousness. Inner state exploration is enhanced with this music. Listening to any one of the Cosmic Waltz variations will shift your energy and produce inner rest and vibrational relaxation.

The new versions will more than satisfy those familiar with Volume 1 and delight those new to the use of Cosmic Waltz music for targeted well being and meditative brainwave states. Cosmic Waltz is the

Even on the days you feel the most stress, you can allow the waves of music to wash over you and harmonize your nervous system. Likely you will find yourself smiling.

Directions For Use: Sit or recline in a comfortable position. Relax, close your eyes and breathe through your mouth. Expand your abdomen as you inhale, stretching the muscles. Relax completely as you exhale, allowing the belly to soften all at once. Breathe gently and continuously with no pause between the inhales and exhales.

Focus upon the music and become aware of your bodily sensations and internal imagery. At the music ends remain quiet and enjoy the peaceful inner space. Breathe gently while you return to an alert state


Cosmic Waltz Volume 2–A432

Program One?27 minutes: Cosmic B: brings balance to the mind, body, and emotions.The keynote is E and the color is green. As you focus on the middle of your chest and back, visualize an emerald green color entering the center of your chest from the front and back. Imagine this area opening on the inhale and closing on the exhale as you relax. Be at peace.

Program Two?27.5 minutes:Xmos increases your energetic awareness of all that exists. The keynote is A and the colors are violet and white. Focus upon the occipital bone at the base of your skull. Imagine the colors entering there as you inhale. Relax without effort on the exhale and connect it with the next inhale.

Subliminal Inputs A rhythmic pulse at 7.83 cycles per second for relaxed alertness. Ancient names for Universal Energy – Om, Hu, Ani-Hu, Thoo, Ra and Hoo. Plus affirmations for vitality and uplifting the mind-body system.


Volume 3 Antares Suite–A444

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