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Dr, Tom GoodeBusinessman Turned Healer

Tom received a bachelor?s degree in commerce and finance from the University of Virginia and a doctorate of naturopathy degree from The Clayton College in 1993. He subsequently was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Compassionate Service Theological Seminary in 2007. He learned a great deal about health in recovering from polio at age 8 and a near fatal auto accident at age 16.

At the time he was working in corporate America, his life changed radically at the age 38 when medical doctors diagnosed a degenerative disease. Healing the condition naturally, Tom began a new phase of life dedicated to helping others grow and transform.  He is a dynamic workshop facilitator and inspirational speaker. Tom has:

     Led fire walks.                                Taught college courses in intuitional development.

     Facilitated weekend retreats.

5-time Author & Entrepreneur: Tom is the founder of the International Breath Institute along with Dr. Judith Kravitz.  Tom and his wife, Dr. Caron Goode, are co-founders the Academy for Coaching Parents International and HeartWise? Life. In these roles, Tom has

  • Appeared for guest interviews on television and radio shows.
  • Trained Full-Wave Breath Trainers through workshops and seminars in the US and abroad for over 15 years.

Tom has enjoyed memberships in:

The Life Extension Foundation, American Holistic Health Association, National Health Federation, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Health Keepers Alliance, and the International Society for The Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.

My Personal Quest For Health and Well Being

Through my experiences with illness and dealing with medical systems and Medicare, I?ve utilized a little-known key to health that will make you feel better, do better and enrich your life. My experiences include:

  • Recovered from being unable to walk from polio (age 8)
  • Recovered from an automobile accident ?(age 16) that left me with a compound fracture of the left humerus, brain perforation, concussion, and partial paralysis from the waist down on left side. My jaw shattered along with crushed cheekbones and a silver-dollar-sized chunk in the roof of the mouth. Recovery was slow and progressive, and I learned so much about weight gain and loss.
  • Mastered weight-rebounding (age 16), from 175 to 125 to 197 in one year, subsequently normalizing and remaining at 175 pounds for most of my adult life.
  • Recovered from brain damage of left frontal lobe tear from previous auto injury. I was aware of processing information and not getting the results I needed. After losing aspects of my ability to memorize information, I blessedly learned about mnemonics and used it to get through college courses and made the Dean’s List in my final year.
  • Recovered from nerve damage (age 23) of sciatic and peroneal nerve paralysis from auto injury. Doctors suggested?that I wear a foot brace for the rest of my life. I threw away the brace after a year and a half and limped for several years while I?regained function and worked through the pain.
  • Recovered from depression characterized by staying in the house for six months (age 29)
  • Recovered from endocrine failure (age 38), likely from 10-15 cups of coffee/day and 17 years of prescription amphetamines, which were the only medical options available at the time.

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Dr. Tom Goode

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