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Music to Heal Your Soul

Cosmic Waltz Music Series

cosmic waltz
cosmic waltz
cosmic waltz

Breath And Grow Rich

Book Series

breathe and grow rich
breathe and grow rich
breathe and grow rich
breathe and grow rich

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Heather Sancez

<p>?I feel more inner joy; I have noticed a younger physical appearance.?</p>

Stephanie Brewer

<p>?My marriage is stronger and better than ever.?</p>

Henry Urion

<p>?Have improved my health greatly; I am amazed by how much I can see the inner beauty in other people, acknowledge it and express it to others.?</p>

Laura Kanne

<p>?I feel a sense of personal power which has deepened &amp; strengthened.?</p>

Julia Gregor

<p>?I feel a depth in myself beyond my mental knowing and imagination.?</p>

Deb Salt

<p>?I am experiencing the miracle of knowing and living life without pain and struggle.?</p>

Michael Horemans

<p>?I am so grateful; helped me to accept myself where I am in my life right now and not to judge myself for my shortcomings.?</p>

Victoria McCullay

<p>?I have become more positive and assertive in interacting with the world.?</p>

Julie Sherwood

<p>?More balance and ease in relationships.?</p>

Dean Smith

<p>”I?m now willing to take risks; am much more joyful and light hearted.?</p>

Tom Goode

Tom received a bachelor?s degree in commerce and finance from the University of Virginia and a doctorate of naturopathy degree from The Clayton College in 1993. He subsequently was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Compassionate Service Theological Seminary in 2007. He learned a great deal about health in recovering from polio at age 8 and a near fatal auto accident at age 16. At the time he was working in corporate America, his life changed radically at the age 38 when medical doctors diagnosed a degenerative disease. Healing the condition naturally, Tom began a new phase of life dedicated to helping others grow and transform.  He is a dynamic workshop facilitator and inspirational speaker.

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