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I’ve successfully conducted a private healing-coaching practice for the last twenty-five years. As the co-founder of the International Breath Institute, I also train and certify professionals around the globe in the Full-Wave Breathing strategies to improve energy, attitudes, and well being.

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We Compassionately Connect, Heal the Hurts, and Adjust Attitudes So You Are Happier and Feel Peaceful!

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Let Nature Spark Your Intuition

 Ignite Intuition and Expand Consciousness  Become your own consciousness coach by strengthening your connection to your intuition. Using your intuition is like conducting a science experiment. You can take my testimony that it’s powerful chemistry, but wouldn’t you... read more

Dynamic Imagery for Well Being

“Guided imagery is a very powerful psychological tool which can be used to achieve a wide variety of health objectives: enhance well being, expanded awareness, facilitate psychological growth and integration, evoke inner wisdom, increase empathy, expand creativity,... read more

Grow Rich in Spirituality

As larger numbers of people acquire a surplus of money at younger ages, there is a sociological trend toward seeking satisfaction of a spiritual nature. They yearn for an enriched life, which includes good health, harmony, longevity, and spirituality.

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How To Strengthen Connections to Your Intuition

Using your intuition is like conducting a science experiment. You can take our word for it that it’s powerful chemistry, but wouldn’t you really rather turn on the flame under the Bunson burner and see for yourself? Become your own consciousness coach by strengthening... read more

3 Steps to Happiness

Have you noticed how life has a unique sense of humor about the topic of happiness.  Why else would happiness be something that almost everyone wants and covets, yet only a few ever realize in their lifetimes? Happiness is a mental and emotional state characterized by... read more